Are you looking to rent a property in GTA?

If you thought 2018 was tough on renters, 2019 is shaping up to be even tougher in Ontario in general and especially in Toronto.

What are the advantages of using a realtor to find a rental?

I would say it's very hard to find a rental without a realtor's help these days. Most listings, especially the ones in demand because of their location and proximity to transportation, are part of a really tough market.

The most important advantage a realtor can give you is knowledge - knowing exactly what you need before you go out and see places.

The second advantage has to do with timeliness. Most people are really busy working or having a life and they don't have time to constantly check for new listings. That's essentially a realtor's job. If I find new listings that match my client's criteria, I can book a showing right away, show it to you or even preview it if I know you are very busy.

There's a standard rental application that asks for a whole bunch of information about the renter, including their current residence, their employment and references. Landlords also tend to ask for a full credit report and an employment letter, I can source these and submit them for my clients. Sometimes landlords will also throw in a few extra things they want to see like pay stubs or more information about your business if you're self-employed. Landlords can ask for a lot of things because it's their property and they know there are numerous people behind you who will gladly take your place as a renter.

After you move in into a rental, you might need a Realtor as well. If you don't know your rights, landlord can act in illegal way. Sometimes renters will call and say, "My landlord tells me that they're selling so I have to move." That's actually illegal. You cannot evict a tenant if you want to sell your property. There are only a handful of legal ways to evict a tenant, like if you sold the property already and the new homeowner wishes to move in or if you're moving in for your own personal use. In those cases, the tenant goes but is owed things like proper notice and one month's rent compensation.

No one knows that and you wouldn't have any reason to know that, so it's important to have someone on your side who does. Once my renters move in, they're still my clients, so I continue to take care of them and if they have any questions they know they can always reach out to me.

Rental properties are in high demand. And rentals are now receiving multiple offers, often going to the tenant who bids highest and for above the asking price.

So there can be advantages to using a real-estate professional to find a rental.

And working with a rep to find a rental property is similar to working with one when you're buying - a valuable experience if you plan to buy in the future.

Call or email me and we will discuss would you prefer to live in a house or a condo? What is your monthly budget? Do you want a spacious kitchen? How many bedrooms do you need?

I serve not only residents of GTA but also those who are moving here in a near future from other provinces or countries.

As a real estate agent, I have access to properties, appearing in the MLS database a few days before general public has an access to it.

I can provide specific details on homes located in and around your desired neighbourhood. This could include whether a rental is located in a family-friendly area and what the nearby amenities are. I will also arrange for you to see the units you may be interested in viewing.

Working with a real-estate representative will help you save time and eliminate the added stress that may be spent on combing through online listings, booking viewings and travelling to different locations.